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Music by Turner: Modern TV version of ‘name that tune’ is only an app away

Gee, who is that great band playing that catchy theme song in my fave TV show “Shameless?”

It turns out it’s a band from Detroit, Mich., named The High Strung, whose “The Luck You Got” has been the theme for the American version of the show. It’s from their excellent 2006 release “Moxie Bravo.”

As more and more television viewers have switched from network fare to subscription services like Hulu, Amazon, and Netflix, the big questions for many is “what’s the name of that song and who’s performing it?”

More often than not, the credits at the end of shows fail to give us this information, which prevents us from discovering more material from artists that strike (ouch, that hurt!) our musical fancy.

Thankfully, there’s a highly recommended music site that lists not just what’s the name and who is performing a show’s theme song but also the other material played during a particular episode.

It’s called “TuneFind,” and although it’s been around for 11 years, many folks I’ve talked to are not aware of it.

Let’s take a quick peek at their top 9 songs from 2016 on their site (

Who knows? Your next fave band or singer may be just a TV show and a click away …

1. Lucifer: Being Evil Has A Price by Heavy Young Heathens

2. Marvel’s Luke Cage: Long Live the Chief by Jidenna

3. Stranger Things: Theme Song by Survive

4. Shadowhunters: This is the Hunt by Ruelle

5. Westworld: Paint It, Black by Ramin Djawadi

6. The Ranch: Mama’s Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to be Cowboys by Shooter Jennings and Lukas Nelson

7. Containment: Battlefield by Svrcina

8. Flaked: Rose Petals by S. Carey

9. Preacher: No Rain by Dave Lichens

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidaze, Everybody!