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21 Amazing Websites You Might have Missed

The internet is full of interesting websites that fulfil a diverse range of topics. There’s YouTube if you want to watch a video or if you’d rather read about the Renaissance period there’s Wikipedia (for starters) or the encyclopaedia Britannica. In a nutshell, whatever you want to find, chances are that you will get it here.But then, these are the known websites. There are many websites which aren’t so popular but yet are masters in their own ways.
Thinking along the same lines, today we have assembled a list of 21 amazing websites which you are not only super cool but equally efficient.
15. Tunefind: On a lookout for the songs appearing in popular television shows and movies? Say Hi to Tunefind. It contains an index of the popular music and songs and lets you listen to them either through YouTube, Spotify or you can get it through iTunes.
And if that’s not enough, you can also share a song through the social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter.