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SOUNDS OF THE SUMMERAll the music from Love Island is available to stream onlineā€¦ holiday playlist sorted!

YOUR Love Island withdrawals are about get a bit easier - you can now stream ALL the songs featured in hit ITV2 series.

With many people still to jet off for their summer holidays, there's still time to curate the perfect playlist to take away with you, or just have nice background music as you shout "I'VE GOT A TEXT!" in an empty room.

Website TuneFind has identified every single song that was used in the show, meaning it's easy peasy to take some Villa vibes with you wherever you go.

The site has broken down the series in to each episode and identified all of the songs used.

So if you particularly liked the song that played when Amber woke up next to Kem in episode 2, you now know it was Blessings by Tom Walker.

If the song that played as Simon left in episode 24 gave you all the feels, you can have I'm Yours by Jack Savoretti in your ears in minutes.

Or if you wanted to know what the catchy Eggs in a Basket song was that featured in episode 50, then the search is over.

It was by Andy Van Pop, who roped in amateur rappers Symbolik and Bli-T to cash in on the Love Island catchphrase craze.

The songs from the show covered all bases, from bromances...

...To one-sided and loveless relationships of convenience, like Alex and Montana's

You don't need to be a Love Island obsessive to enjoy the treasures on the playlist.

People who just love a slowed down, acoustic cover of a classic hit will be spoilt for choice.